Black History Flag - $15.00

The Black History Flag is an artistic expression symbolizing the history of change in the social and political landscape of Blacks in America, and the pride and reverence felt by many Americans who view Black leaders as heroes and agents-of-change. The purpose of the flag is to arouse an intense emotional appeal among those who identify with the social progress of Blacks in America and to encourage a sense of personal responsibility among flag owners to help fulfill the promise of positive change in America today; and among generations to come.

There is great personal satisfaction to selecting fabrics with strong African markings to create the pallet for the first Black History Flag. What gives the flag a more distinct character is the salute to African American heroes, before and after Martin Luther King, who fought against slavery, racism, and lingering misconceptions to make the world a better place. It was their pride, belief, and determination that gave them the will to continue forward and change America.

From Soujorner's truth to President Obama's promise, the Black History Flag waves the history and determination of Blacks in America and channels the souls of those leaders who set the path for the positive changes and the progress we have witnessed in our life time.

Wave this flag in honor of African American heroes and share the products of the Black History Flag company with people around the world for generation to come.


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Black History Flag - $15.00