good_fb_pic.JPGAbout Black History Flag

The Black History Flag was conceived by a child of the fifties, a teen of  the sixties, and a college student in the early 1970s.  Born (a Negro  child) in Alabama, and raised and educated in the South, the artist lived  through many changing times. Most notable was the identity of dark  people in America changing from Negro to Black, and from Black to  African American, to the point where only Black or African American were  acceptable; all the same people with the same struggles. Historians may  agree that the identity of dark-skinned Americans changed as the efforts  fabric of America began to change. 

 The political and social changes we see today did not happen over night.  They did not happen without hard work and sacrifice. They did not change  the present.

 "As a child in the deep south, the only great man I knew was Martin  Luther King. I thought he was the President of the Negros and later came  to realize that there was only one President, John F. Kennedy. But it was  Reverend King who gave me the feeling of boldness and lifelong  possibilities. Then later, there was Malcolm X, who I thought was radical  and shouldn't be listened to - primarily because my dad said so. But in my mind, he had a wise point of view about a concern that mattered to me. He thought that deep-dark skin - the color of my skin- was beautiful.  Few people, Black or White, felt that way. The impact that he and Dr. King had on my life was a blessing sent on a magic carpet, as in a fairy tale, and I rode it through high school, through college, through graduate school and through out my career. Their deeds and those of other African American heroes will live forever in my mind and heart.”

This is the premise on which the Black History Flag and the ecommerce products were designed.  They are designed and manufactured with a goal of exhibiting cultural pride and remembrance of the men and women leaders like Martin Luther King and those who came before and after him.

The first company design project, known as the "Black History Flag," was created in February 2009 as poster art for African Heritage Month at a large community college in New York City. Its purpose was to celebrate cultural pride and the lives and history of Black American heroes who helped to change the fabric of American society. Posters were given to students, faculty and staff of the college, and it was requested by many individuals in the surrounding community.

In 2010, Black History was established with an attempt to share the flag with people nationwide and to promote an awareness and movement toward social and political responsibility.

Black History has pledged to give a portion of its proceeds to educational institutions to promote their efforts in developing leaders and rewarding academic excellence through scholarship. Please join me in waving the Black History Flag and promoting the spirit and pride across the country.

"I have found my passion."



Angela Sales